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Simple Life in the Philippines

Simple Life in the PhilippinesLanhawk59YouTube vlogger & Content CreatorEverybody dreams of the simple life.  When things get complicated, when the stress of working and surviving gets too high,  people stop to reflect whether this race rat is worth it.  One of the...

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Moving to the Philippines

Why I Moved to the Philippines Lanhawk59Expat Living in the Philippines & YouTube VloggerMany people have asked me why I moved from the United States to the Philippines. Depending on the amount of time I have the response can either be a short one or a long one. We...

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Cost of Living in Philippines 2019

Cost of Living in Philippines 2019Lanhawk59Expat in the Philippine & YouTube vloggerOne of the most popular questions most expats in the Philippines gets asked is how much does it cost to live there.  Everybody wants to know what is the cost of living in the...

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Lechon in the Philippines

Lanhawk59YouTube vlogger & Content CreatorMention the word lechon or baboy to any person from the Philippines and their eyes will start to glaze over and their expression on their face will turn to hunger. Roasted pig is without a doubt one of the most popular...

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Giving up Alcohol

Giving Up Alcohol for a YearLanhawk59I’m a YouTuber and Content CreatorAs the end of 2018 drew to a close I started thinking about what I hoped to accomplish in 2019.  Well I do have a YouTube channel so making a goal of doubling my subscribers seemed like a doable...

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New Years Eve Food Tradition

Living Abroad in the PhilippinesPhilippine Holidays New Year Eve Food TraditionsThere isn't one Philippine holiday that doesn't include food & drinkNew Year's Eve 2018Where has the year gone? Already we find ourselves at the end of the year and celebrating Philippine...

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Philippine Expat Christmas Party

Living Abroad in the PhilippinesPhilippine Expat Christmas ParyWives of the expats gather for a group shot20 December 2018Where has the year gone? Already we find ourselves at the end of the year and at the final meeting of the Philippine expats. Join us as we...

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Cost of Living in the Philippines

When it comes to the topic of what is the cost of living in the Philippines, nobody can ever answer the question and it will apply to everybody. Each individual has their own, draw their line in the sand, I am not giving this luxury up. Of course, everybody knows that...

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Restaurant Expansion

We need restaurant expansion !! As many of you know, we have a problem with our kitchen but it is a good problem. Our restaurant business has picked up so much that the current kitchen is no longer allowing us to serve the customers efficiently. When we first designed...

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