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Let’s talk about last month, the lost month. Yeah, it has been a while since my last blog, in fact it has been about a month. Now this not to say I didn’t want to blog but time and schedules did not allow. One thing about writing a blog or filming a vlog doing a vlog that suprises eveybody is the amout of time it takes along with the mood to do, you really gotta be in the mood otherwise it appears forced. For the month of August, I thought about vlogging but didn’t do it and when I wanted to vlog, time would not allow so I kind of ended up surrending to fate and put my energy into vlogging starting in September. So here we are in the “ember months and in the Philippines, you know what that means. … Yes it is the start of the Christmas season. I actually heard christmas music playing in the mall and of course we have some of the displays setup.
“The Christmas Season in the Philippines kicks off the 1st of September, ”

So for the month of August, we have had Remy’s daughter’s family here – a 6month old, 5 years, her and her husband. So right away as far as getting free time or even more importantly quiet time along to do filming was pretty much out of the question. As I mentioned earlier when I did have time to vlog,I really wasn’t feeling it so I have to take the blame there. Regardless it was great having them here, I really enjoyed their visit. It was especially nice bonding with the children and her husband who I actually met person to person for the very first time.

Speaking of lost month, at the our pizza restaurant we lost one of our best workers at the restaurant. He and his wife relocated over to the other island to Iloilo. He will definitely be missed, he pretty much knew how to run everything and one of the best assets as he was honest. We wish him luck, as he will try to start up …surprise surprise a restaurant over on the other island.

Speaking of restaurant stuff, we have this ongoing sewer project running right down the middle of the main street here in Talisay. They promised the work would be done by September and honestly they aren’t even close unless they meant September 2050. The businesses that have lined the street are either closed or barely alive. The amount of dust and detouring of traffic is killing them, even here at our place, we have experienced a slow down of business. That is one thing about the Philippines they offer no compensation or help in any while project is going. Anybody who has ever been to the Philippines knows about the time frame of public projects like this. Half the road dug up, with a not a worker on-site and weeks will go by with nothing done. From a business point of view it is very frustrating, thank our lucky stars we never decided to step up shop on the main street,

I had some great of conversations with the son in law involving business ideas. One night we were throwing different ideas around. One of the question was asked if you could own any business you wanted what would it be? For me, it would be opening a small gym. I would get a couple of benches, some plates, squat rack, dumbbell rack, a couple of treadmills and a few spin cycles. I think it would be cool getting up and opening the gym and of course grabbing a work out. Of course I thought it would be cool to open a pizza restaurant too. Haha. Alright guys, see ya next time and be safe.
“If you could set up any business what would your dream business be ?”
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