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Chinatown Manila 2019

Once the plane touched down and we got ourselves situated one of the first stops was the Chinatown in Manila otherwise known as Binondo Manila. Having a home base in the Philippines does come with its advantages and it brings along some disadvantages too such as no decent authentic Chinese restaurants. This one disadvantage can be solved by taking a trip to Manila and visiting its Chinatown. Just about every large city in the western world has a Chinatown, where one can eat,see and buy things related to the Chinese culture.  For me, my taste buds were driving me on a Binondo food trip to hunt for an authentic Chinese restaurant.  I was craving some real chinese food something I never had a problem getting back home in the USA.

“Finding good Chinese food in the Philippines can be a challenge. Not so in Manila.”

Backpacker Bill

I was lucky as I had my better half with me to act as a guide for my Binondo food trip. She grew up in Manila so she took me to one of the most respected and well-liked Chinese restaurants in all of Binondo, Mei Sum Teahouse. 

While the appearance gives off an older and dated look, inside lies some of the best Chinese food I have eaten since being in the Philippines.

Now I know what you are thinking, “What is this going to cost me exactly?”  Don’t worry Backpacker Bill has got you covered. Have no fear, my friend, check out the menu below. I think you will find that two people can basically have a full course dinner for around 600 pesos.

One of my favorite Chinese dishes is sweet and sour pork. Okay I know what you are thinking, Backpacker Bill you can get that just about anywhere. Yes you can but I consider myself somewhat of an expert in sweet and sour pork. I have eaten for many different places and I can honestly tell you this was some of the best I have eaten.

If you are fan of dim sum, let me tell you this is the place to satisfy your craving. Before you even enter the door of the restaurant, a table is a setup out front with hot, steaming dim sum in bamboo steamers ready to be eaten.

With over 27 different types of dim sum to choose from you could have a different dish each of the month.  If you are in a hurry you can select your dim sum, pay and have it in your hand in less than a minute. A true take out item.

Here is some basic information about Mei Sum Teahouse

 Hours: 7am till Midnight ( yes they do serve a breakfast)

Address: 965-967 Ongpin Street, Santa Cruz, Manila

Phone: 02 7336495


“If you are a fan of dim sum, let me tell you this is the place.”

Backpacker Bill

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