Christmas parade

It is Christmas season so it’s time for the Christmas Parade of Lights. The first Christmas parade of lights was held last year to commemorate the opening of the new Ayala Capitol Center mall. This being the second year of the Christmas parade it was sponsored by the local college so the majority of participants were college students.

chirstmas laterns

Once of the problems with tourism here in the Philippines is their inability to get the word out. For us, we stumbled upon the parade route, but had we known of the event, we would have been better prepared. Thankfully I am starting to learn to always have a camera with a full battery in the car whenever we go out.

Once issue with the concept of the Christmas parade of lights is that you need darkness to really see the lights. The parade participants queued up and had to wait for darkness before beginning.

line up for christmas parade
Being a parade of lights, these soldiers had to wait until set before starting

The parade route was to go down Lacson Street, make a right turn then head to the Ayala Capitol Center mall.

marching soldiers

Having seen a few parades in my lifetime, one of the things I have noticed is the electronic age entering the parade. There is less actual bands playing music and more cars playing recorded Christmas tracks. I kind of miss the “old school” ways of trumpets, drums and the like but who am I to stand in the way of progress?

music from auto