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One of the most popular questions most expats in the Philippines gets asked is how much does it cost to live there.  Everybody wants to know what is the cost of living in the Philippines?  The short answer is that it depends on what your lifestyle is like and what things you can live with and what things you can not live without.

In general, the cost of living in Philippines is lower than the cost of living in most western countries but that does come with some hurdles.  With the Philippines being a developing country,utilities such as electric is on average higher along with being a little less reliable than power in the western countries.  Another hurdle to deal with is that very little is manufactured here so most products have to be imported which drives the cost up. If you can’t live without a certain brand of jelly from your home country, then expect to pay more for that jar of jelly than you would back home.  And this gets into the concept of what you are willing to give up and what you are willing to pay extra for.  If a foreigner in the Philippines can eat most Philippine type foods then the food bill will in general be lower but if he can only eat imported food than expect to pay more for food. How most expats in the Philippines deal with this concept is everybody has just a couple of their favorite items they are willing to pay more for such as certain brand of tea or coffee or a certain kind of jam or jelly.

In the video above I go over my monthly cost of living in Philippines in 2019. Having been staying here on and off for over eight years, I can seen a slow rise in my monthly cost.  Naturally a factor of my raising cost is our pizza restaurant which has been growing thus infusing more money into the budget.

Just to give you the setup, we live in a home that we own, next to our house is a two bedroom apartment which we rent. Our restaurant is also on our grounds so we have lower overhead.  Total amount of people living in our compound is 8. If you have any questions, check out my video first as you might find your answer there. Otherwise comment below and I will try to answer that for you.

If you are going to rent and it is recommended for all expats who are new to the Philippines please add an additional amount of eight thousand pesos or more depending on where you will be located. One general idea is that it is cheaper to live in the province than it is to live in a big urban city such as Manila or Cebu.

Philippine Monthly Expenses 2019


Pesos USD
Electric 14800 p 280.00
Internet 2000 p 38.00
Car Payment 15000 287.00
Car Insurance 1800 34.00
Food 8000 153.00
Gasoline 76.00
School Tutition 4000 76.00
Bayad 3000 57.00
Drinking Water 400 7.00
Home Repair 4000 76.00
Cell Phones 900 17.00
Immigration 1500 28.00
Laundry 600 16.00
Total 60400 1160.00
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