Is there really such a thing as the need to travel?  Why is it some people are content to stay where they are their whole lives while others, like me, feel the need to travel? Am I running away from something or am I running to something? 

travel abroad

I guess it can best be described as this constant feeling of restlessness. If you are not in some sort of stage of planning, packing or traveling, then you are not happy.  When I was working full time, one of my favorite things was planning a trip right smack in the middle of winter.  For those who have never experienced winter in the United States, the two months leading into winter, November, and December are filled with holiday celebrations, things one can look forward to. But right after New Years, the bottom drops out. 

snow storm

By end of the January, you are sick of seeing snow, sick of feeling cold, really just sick of winter. By the middle of February, you are crawling the walls.  There is a reason why tropic resorts charge so much from December through April.

tropical beach in the winter

So you are thinking, okay Bill, maybe you just don’t like winter. While that is partially true, I really just love to travel.  My evidence is as follows, three years ago I moved to the Philippines, where there are no winters, the temperature does fall below 80 degrees. It is an endless summer here, yet I still want to travel.

Really that is kind of what this whole website is about, to explore different parts of the world while capturing the sights and sounds that make an impression on me.

So what stops me from traveling full time? Well its two things really one is time and one is money, In the next couple of years I hope to have a solution to both of those issues but for now, I can only travel when I can afford it and as time allows.  Regardless of the hurdles, let the journey begin.