Hero 8 mic
GoPro Hero 8 -3 port built in mic

One of the biggest issues many fans of the GoPro action camera series have had is getting quality audio from their GoPro cameras. As a long time GoPro user, I have to honestly say that with the GoPro Hero 8 audio, big improvements have been made. Officially the GoPro Hero 8 was released on October 15 2019, just in time for the Christmas season.

As an owner of the GoPro Hero 4 making the jump to the Hero 8 was earth shattering. I entered a new world with it’s HyperSmooth 2.0 software stabilization and improved audio, making this a great little camera for actual vlogging.

Like most things involving software when initially released, there are bugs which causes the features not to work as promised but now over a year later with several software updates, the GoPro Hero 8 has matured into a decent action camera.

As a vlogger, audio is very important because with bad audio I am forced to remove the audio and put music behind the footage or not use the footage at all. So I was excited to test the audio of the built in microphones against the Hero 8 media mod. The Hero 8 audio is gained by three built in microphones located in three locations on the camera.

microphone locations on the hero 8
There are three built in microphone locations on the GoPro Hero 8 Black

Using the three microphones gives the audio a more surround type sound bringing in sound from the front of the camera , the side of the camera and under the camera. There is a software option that allows for filtering out some of the wind noise but it does not totally eliminate it.

GoPro did recognize that a large amount of it’s customer base use the GoPro mics for vlogging so with the Hero 8 they introduced the media mod.

The Hero 8 media mod was designed for vloggers, giving them the options they always wanted from GoPro cameras such as external microphone, two cold shoes, HDMI out and an external audio jack. Unfortunately to attach the media mod one needed to remove the battery door from the Hero 8 thus making the Hero 8 camera no longer waterproof.

As far as the Hero 8 audio is concerned here is a video I made comparing the GoPro Hero 8 built in audio verses the GoPro Hero 8 Media mod’s shot gun mic.

Just a side note many would argue that the media mod mic is not really a shot gun mic at all. On the plus side through software one can select whether the sound should come from both mics or exclusively just the front mic or just the back mic. I think that is why GoPro considers the Hero 8 media mod’s microphone a shotgun mic.

Feel free to comment below on what you think is the better microphone setup or if you have come up with a better option.

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