Before we talk about the keys to long term travel, we must first define what long term travel is.  Long term travel is traveling for extended periods of time, from a couple of months to years.  Yes, believe it or not, some people take years off to travel and see the world. Yet, what sounds exciting can be a bit of a challenge if you are not properly prepared for the journey.  Here are a few important keys to coping with long term travel.

Travel at a Slow or Casual Pace

In today’s fast-paced world, we begin to get a mindset that the goal of everything in life is do and see everything as quickly as possible. Say you plan to go to Paris, France for a few days and then head to Rome Italy. There really is no way one can enjoy fully all that Paris has to offer in just a few days and the same for seeing Rome. 

paris france
Long term travel should be casual and enjoyable not a fast paced race.

With such a short time limit, we start to cheat ourselves of what can be a great lifetime experience.  Another factor against rushing from place to place is the hidden stress and the tension that lies behind moving so fast. While many of us are under a time limit we have to remember not to bite off more than we can chew. As much as we might not want to, a less stressful solution might be to break the Paris and Rome into two separate trips.  Don’t worry about trying to cram both cities in one trip, both places with be there next year too.

Bring Your Hobby with You

One thing that can not be avoided during travel is wait tines and delays. Transportation is more often than not, not on time or delayed due to weather, over booking or mechanical issues. One way to make long term travel easier is to have something to do during these delays.

Getting upset about delays does not make the time go any faster.

  Sitting in airport terminals, bad weather, unexpected delays, all of these can affect what we expect to happen to having some unexpected downtime.  If plan A is not going to happen then by bringing your hobby with you have a plan B. Hopefully we may never need to crack open that new book we wanted to read, but its there if we need it. In today’s world with everything being electronic, books, guides and novels can be read from our phones, a great way to pass the time until our flight becomes available. The key here is to have something to do when you have nothing to do.

Don’t Become Jaded

After visiting a few countries, one starts to see the redundancy in things such as “ look another palm tree” “or it’s the ocean again” even the hotel rooms can start to look the same.  We become jaded when we start to fall into routines, things do not impress us as they once did. One of the worst things we can do is lose our cool in a foreign country, it leaves the wrong impression on the minds of the locals.

waiting at airport
It can be frustrating waiting at airports with nothing to do

We can beat this by preparing our minds and our eyes to see beyond what we are seeing, to see the beautify and wonderment in the objects we are looking at.  Always be in the moment, that is what’s important, what is happening now.

Know when it is time to Stop

The last key to surviving long term travel is probably the most important one.  When doing long term travel you have to know when to stop traveling for a while.

know when to stop traveling
Know when to stop traveling.

Long term travel can be at times,  frustrating, stressful and a challenge.  One needs to have patience and optimism with each stop along the itinerary.  If you find yourself burning out or becoming jaded, then maybe its time to either slow down more or stop altogether.  Travel should always be fun and exciting, a chance to explore the world maybe with a partner.  If you have any other travel tips, kindly comment below.