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Mention the word lechon or baboy to any person from the Philippines and their eyes will start to glaze over and their expression on their face will turn to hunger. Roasted pig is without a doubt one of the most popular Philippine dishes you can have during your stay in the Philippines.
Make no mistake, the dish is a little on the expensive side as a whole roasted adult pig can cost over two hundred dollars . Hence the dish is usually only served during special occasions or holidays.
Here is a little secret, if you are ever in Bacolod City, Philippines you must try the Ceba Lechon House

“Now keep in mind, this has to be done Philippine style !


Let’s get two things out of the way first, one not everybody eats pork, understood, so this blog post probably isn’t of interest to you.  Second, some people have an issue with the idea of a whole pig staring at you while you eat.  Even I had to get past that concept while here in the Philippines, pigs, chicken and fish, all staring at you when they are cooked as a whole.  What one has to understand is here in the Philippines, very little is wasted, instead of just a fish fillet,  the whole fish is cooked and consumed. Okay we are past these two points so let’s get back to the Philippine lechon.

The Ceba Lechon House in Bacolod City is offering for a limited time, all the lechon you can eat for only 188 pesos per person which comes out to about a little less than four dollars usd.  

The lechon was tender and moist, not over cooked or dry.  What was really nice was that besides the roasted pork, they also offered other side dishes.  On the day we were there, there was a house salad, pork lumpia, chicken curry, pizza, vegetable rice and plain rice.  Now your beverage was addition but the prices were in line with what you would pay at just about any other restaurant.  Check out the video and if you ever get the chance check out the Ceba Lechon House in Bacolod City, as I under stand it, there are several locations in the Bacolod area.

“This is a must try dish if you are into eating pork.”


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