trying to find your luggage
We have all been there, waiting & trying to find our luggage

Anybody who has ever flown, knows of the frustration and stress a traveler experiences after deplaning and waiting for their luggage. It seems like hundreds and hundreds of suitcases and various boxes go by and none of them are yours. As time goes by, and less passengers are waiting for their luggage, a feeling of panic begins to set in and the feeling increases with each passing minute. On average the airlines reports losing 1 to 3 suitcases for every thousand of travelers that board their planes. Now let’s not panic just yet, maybe we just can’t pick out our luggage from all the others since so much of it looks alike. Here are some ways we can make our luggage stand out from everybody else’s.

Add Color to Your Luggage

Whenever you go to purchase luggage the lowest price is always the black luggage which is what most people buy. It makes sense, after all whey should you spend an additional amount of money on a different color when it is the same exact same piece of luggage? Which is way when you stand around the baggage claim area in any airport almost 80 percent of the luggage is the standard black color. With people pushing and angling for a decent position it makes extra hard to see your luggage go around the luggage carousel and be able to grab it in time before it passes you.

Luggage Tags

luggage tags
Using luggage tags is one way to identify your luggage

Luggage tags are on way to identify your luggage from the guy standing next to you. Getting a customized tag with your last name on it is a great way to make sure you are grabbing the correct piece of luggage. The challenge is trying to see if the piece of luggage moving in the carousel moves slow enough so you can see if it has your luggage tag on it. You can get these luggage tags on Amazon for under seven dollars.

Handkerchief Tied to Luggage Handle

Some people tie a color handkerchief or add these colorful tags to their luggage to make it stand out more but even these can be ripped off or fall off in the course of travel.

One quick option assuming the knot stays tied.

Tying a handkerchief to your luggage handle is probably the cheapest way you can make your baggage more identifiable to you. This would probably work if you only have one checked bag. I have seen some people use rope and actually seen a few suitcases where somebody used colorful yarn. As long as your knot stays tied I guess you are good to go.

A smarter option is to get a luggage cover

suitcase cover
A luggage cover can help you find your luggage amongst the hundred others.

These bright and colorful nylon zippered covers are washable and most can be had for under 10 USD. These covers can save you a headache in the baggage claim area and are great for when you have several different types of luggage. Generally suitcase covers run in the 10 USD range and can be had at Amazon by click here.

There are only a few options you can do to make your suitcase be more identifiable to you. Have any other suggestions? Just comment below.

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