overcoming discouragement

We have all become discouraged at one point or another, and we all have had to find ways to over coming discouragement.  Even now as the world fights the pandemic a world traveler such as myself is discourage as travel between countries have come to a stop.  Imagine having a travel blog and a YouTube channel that focuses on travel and there is no place to travel to. Sadly here in the USA, travel between states have been limited or has stopped altogether without going through a two week quarantine. Here are a few ways one can over come discouragement.

1) Visualize the Final Result

You can use this in overcoming discouragement if you are feeling that your goal is too far away, unreachable. Many times we let self-doubt talk us into quitting or giving up, far too early.  If we can visualize the final result, it helps to give us some light in our dark tunnel.  Just think how great it is going to be once we complete the goal.

michael jordan
Michael Jordan used this visualization technique before every game.

One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan used this technique throughout his career.  Whenever an important game was coming up, he would sit and visualize the game from start to finish, him scoring points, him playing defense and he would end the game with the result he wanted. 

2) Don’t Look at setbacks as failures

Once we feel we have failed at something, the next feeling we feel is a discouragement. Look at setbacks as learning opportunities rather than failures. Make each setback a chance to learn and educate yourself for next time. If we don’t get the result we want, we should step back, re-evaluate the situation and come up with a new plan. Use the failure to teach us something we didn’t know before and use that knowledge coming up with a new plan of attack.

learn from failure

3) Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

One of the surefire ways to get discouraged is to focus on what other people are doing or have and compare it with yourself. We immediately think they are better than us, more successful, and this works to discourage us. Comparing yourself to others is not empowering you – it is working against you by instilling negative feelings.

don't compare yourself with others

4) Change our view

Have you installed some bar or gauge that has to be met before you can call yourself successful?  What if I never reach that level am I failure and thus unhappy.  Many people have lived their lives with the feelings of never measuring up, yet they don’t know they are the ones who set the measure. It one thing to have a high set of standards to call yourself a success and it is another to not enjoy the process of getting there.

5)Make a Mindmap

Making a mind map is a walk to encourage us and get us going again. You get a blank paper or chalkboard and in the middle of the paper, you write what it is you are trying to accomplish. You draw a box around that then use lines and arrows to point to the various actions that we need to take to get to the middle box. Make smaller boxes under those and that is your sub task. When you are done you have a visual plan of action.

mind map
Mind maps have us to keep focus and see the end picture.
find a mentor

7)Find Somebody that can help You

Volunteering our time and effort is a great way to make ourselves feel better. It is almost impossible to feel discouraged when we are giving out time and effort on the behalf of another person. Being discouraged is really a self-imposed symptom in which we are being too focused on ourselves.. When we stop thinking about ourselves and direct our attention to others we feel better.

Here is just a few way one can change their mood from discouragement to being excited for the job at hand. It is also a great way to change our viewpoint and get us out of the funk. Got some other ideas? Please feel free to comment below.

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