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Philippine Expat Christmas Pary

Wives of the expats gather for a group shot

20 December 2018

Where has the year gone? Already we find ourselves at the end of the year and at the final meeting of the Philippine expats. Join us as we celebrate another year in our annual Christmas gathering of us expats living abroad in the Philippines.
Santa Claus stops by to visiting the families of expats living in the Philippines.
Photograph by Lanhawk59
Santa was kind enough to pose for pictures for anybody who asked, even if they were not in our group. Truly showing the true meaning of Christmas.
“Living abroad as an expat, you meet all different types of people you probably would never meet back home but in the end, we have to stick together as a group because we are all we have.”
For Rem and I getting the free time to attend the expat meetings is somewhat a challenge for us due to our commitment of running the home restaurant. We missed the Thanksgiving party in November so we wanted to make sure we could attend the final meeting of the year which is the Christmas party. It rained hard most of the day so I really wasn’t expecting much of a turnout, most of the expats here are retirees living in the Philippines but it was the largest turnout of the year. We are really glad we were able to make and wish everybody a Happy and Merry Christmas.
Five days later we received some very sad news, it appears that one of the wives of one of the expats has passed away unexpectedly. We are going to attend her wake, but we are so glad we were there at the Christmas party to wish her a personal Happy holiday as it turned out to be her last. I believe it is so important for anybody living abroad to reach out of their comfort zone and make contact with other expats living in that country. Life is so short and in the end, you don’t have to be the best of friends but we should stick together as a group.
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