porch pirate on camera

With the pandemic having a holding pattern over travel and our ability to go anywhere, I am lock down in Chicago, USA. With COVID-19 infections running so high here, there is an increase in ordering needed items online instead of purchasing them in a store.  Unfortunately with the increase home delivery of packages and the downturn of the economy, a new term has arose of thieves called porch pirates. 

Porch Pirates are one or more people that unlawfully enter a property with the goal of stealing newly delivered packages from the doorstep of a private home before the items have been secured. The following is my Porch Pirate story.

I was excited ! I had found a decent pair of Adidas Tan Ultra Boost training shoes on Ebay. Normally sold for 80-90 dollars in the malls, here I was getting them at a bargain price of almost half off so I was paying a shade under 40 USD for a great pair of sneakers.

adidas alphaboost on ebay
Adidas Ultra Boost

What made this even a better bargain was the fact they were shipping this via FedEx so the delivery time would be within a matter of days. So I hit the purchase button and waited.

Around three in the morning, our ring doorbell goes off, you know the kind that has the camera and notifies you via smart phone that someone is on the porch.

Ring doorbell

It alerts me on my phone that there is movement on our porch but the person did not actually ring the door bell. I peak out my window and I see a police officer walking away from our porch. . Assuming he has gone to the wrong address I go back to sleep as I have to be up in another hour to work at Amazon.

amazon fulfillment center

So after waiting the allotted days, I get notified around 4 pm that my package was delivered around 9 am , I went looking around the porch and saw nothing, oh well I thought maybe tomorrow it will come. With Covid -19 nobody signs for packages anymore, most is just dropped off and a picture is taken to prove that the package delivery.

proof of delivery

I go to work, come home and I am informed that a police officer was asking for me and left his card. You know whenever you are involved with the police I get this paranoia feeling, almost like ” what did I do wrong?”, you especially freak out when you don’t call them but they call you.

I called the number on the card, which of course has been edited to protect the officer’s name and number because there are certain people on YouTube, well you know.

Upon calling the number, I was informed that an open box with my name and address on it was found in the middle of the road and they were wondering if I was expecting a delivery, You know I guess if I wasn’t expecting a delivery, then he would have asked why was my trash doing out in the middle of the street.

stolen package

I relayed that I was expecting a delivery, which as I understand it now won’t be coming. He asked if I wanted to fill out a report ? Which I did but you really know that the shoes are gone and they will not be found but hey, it he does catch this porch pirate, maybe he or she hasn’t sold my shoes yet so maybe, just maybe it can be recovered. I thank him and left the matter go, nothing more could be done.

Next day I get a call from a detective, I was hoping he found the shoes, but no he was just following up on the officers report. He noted from the report that we had the Ring doorbell and wondered if we had a camera shot of the thief. With Ring you have to pay extra for the recording option which we didn’t h ave, we do now but not then.

I basically told the detective that these shoes are gone and don’t spend time on this crime as he probably has more important matters to work on. In sense let the issue go as unsolved.

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