We need restaurant expansion !! As many of you know, we have a problem with our kitchen but it is a good problem. Our restaurant business has picked up so much that the current kitchen is no longer allowing us to serve the customers efficiently.
When we first designed the layout we never imagined that we would get the flow to traffic that we now sometimes get. The problem is not the lack of staff but rather the problem of allowing the staff to moving around and get the orders out in a timely fashion.
The current layout is like a one way street and if somebody stop to do something that causes a log jam for everybody else.

In a prior video I went over the idea of expanding the kitchen, making it bigger and what advantages that will bring us. A larger kitchen will allow us to serve our customers faster and more efficiently. The new design will free up more floor space for tables, as there has been times when customers want to sit and eat but all our tables were filled.

A Bigger Kitchen !

A bigger kitchen will allow us to expand the menu and offer a more variety menu. Our true goal was to offer foods that can be eaten by a family, not just small snack foods but a more fuller menu. I really want to get into the barbecue aspect and offer items such as hamburgers and pork ribs cooked over an open flame, and topped with our homemade barbecue sauce. Items such as these will bring a lot more money into the restaurant. Plus we would not have to rely on the schools being open, and the student traffic which currently is making up the majority of our total sales.
Here is the video with the restaurant expansion plans. https://youtu.be/3HZFGvr3_Hg

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